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WellFit™ Skincare Solutions

A Smarter Solution for Skincare

Are you struggling to find the ideal wellness service that can expand your business and provide beneficial results your clients find value in? The latest research affirms that wellness is a top priority for consumers with better appearance being cited as a top desire for complete mind and body wellness.

Introducing, WellFit™ skincare solutions, first of its kind, whole body enhancing treatments from the experts of glowing skin.

  • Full Body Skincare in Under 2 Minutes
  • Effective treatments for optimal skin health
  • Available for the VersaSpa Pro Booth

Getting started is easy, with low-cost per treatment and affordable start-up investment. Plus, minimal staff required, and no special training needed. Don’t hesitate, offer your clients the healthy skin they deserve for complete mind and body wellness!

*** Alexandria ONLY ***


Quench your dry, thirsty skin with WELLFIT HYDRATE, a moisture-defining formula that goes deep to replenish dehydrated skin. Experience rapid hydration in under 2 minutes, leaving your skin supple and irresistibly baby soft!


Give your skin a little support! Plump your cheeks and tighten your thighs. Discover a full-body firming experience with WELLFIT LIFT. This simple solution tightens and strengthens your skin, delivering all the firm plumpness you desire. 


Give your skin a pick me up! WELLFIT RECOVER refuels fatigued skin by replenishing essential electrolytes needed for nourished healthy skin. Bounce back from a busy day by treating yourself to a refreshing experience that will energize your sensations while enhancing your skin's overall appearance!


VersaSpa WellFit™ is a new service. Inquire within!

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