Become a Certified SprayTan Technician with our Comprehensive Course IN-Person Training Class and Work Shop. The best way to learn is hands on! Is this going to be a side business or Full Time, the income potential is up to you. Become the Expert  and set yourself apart from the crowd.


The fact is that Spray Tanning is booming, and every thinks its so easy.  The truth is, Spray Tanning is mostly unregulated, we dont fall under the Board of Cosmotolgy so anyone can call themselves a Spray Tanner. I see a lot of people buy their equipment and even solutions online,  watch a video online and start taking clients without knowing the science behind the soltions.  Viola... they call them selves a tanner , and you coudl do that...but your do run the risk of serious diasters, Bridal Disasters, Allergic reactions or even worse.  You Choose, watch a few video or Learn from one of the best Master Technicians, the Fairy Bronze Mother with Over a decade of knowledge she teaches in her workshop. If your serious oabout your educations, dont miss your Fairy Bronze Mother Certification.



Spray Tan 101

All Day Traning 6-8 hours

Starter Kit  & Equipement

Training Manuel

Hands on WOrkshop with 2-3 Live models

Tips N Tricks

Picture Guides

Business Start Up & Legal Stuff you need to know

2- One Hour Consultations post class


Spray Tan 101

Half Day Traning 3-4 hours

Hands on Workshop with 2-3 live models

Tips n Tricks

Training Manuel

2 one hour consultations post class


This class is if you have all your equipment, but need IN-Person Workshop & Certificate




Classes Monthly Call for Information 540-903-9503

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